The Team

Gina Espinosa-Meltzer

Principal and founder

From growing up in Mexico to every job she has taken, her life has been about living in, interacting with and understanding how the Hispanic culture intertwines through the American marketplace.

Communications is what Gina has always done. Prior to starting her company, she worked as a journalist and public relations specialist on mostly Hispanic-related issues.
She was a producer and correspondent at CNN, the BBC, and Radio Netherlands, and was a news editor at Mundo Hispanico, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Spanish language newspaper.
After 20 years of embedded reporting in the Hispanic culture, Gina established G Public Relations as a boutique public relations agency in Atlanta to provide strategic direction for clients that wanted their message to ‘connect’ with the multicultural community Of the U.S. She has quickly amassed a wide array of clients from hospitality, construction, retail, entertainment and the nonprofit world.
In addition to her responsibilities at G Public Relations, Gina also has served as an adviser to media, public relations and marketing organizations, such as the Ginny Millner Foundation, the Latin American Association, Ser Familia, the Center for Civil and Human Rights and the Latin American Chamber of Commerce.
She has made Atlanta her home since 2002.

Steve Baer

Senior Brand Builder

Hispanics do not buy products they buy brands. Brands create loyalty. And Steve is a Brand-o-holic. For Heineken, he created the Red Star. And a few years back he branded a little car company called Saturn.

Living in both New York and San Francisco, he has done work for Kay Jewelers, American Express, Amazon, Starbucks, AT&T and even the ’08 Clinton campaign. After being a Creative Director at Ogilvy, Publicis & Hal Riney and PublicisKaplanThaler.

Ricardo Sain

Senior Media Specialist

Ricardo was born in Argentina and moved to States as a personal choice. He has been working in Media Communications for over 25 years.

In 1992, he started as a reporter in El Salvador and later became the host of a T.V. show, “Telecorporacion Salvadoreña.” This opened Ricardo’s horizon to other forms of media communications. Including other television developments, radio, advertising agencies, and even founding his own magazine called “Hair Dressers,” which was directed to all hairstylist in Central America. When Ricardo came to the United States, he was surprised with something he never even dreamed of, becoming the script supervisor Telemundo’s soap operas: Corazon Valiente, Marido en Alquiler and Santa Diabla. This will introduce Ricardo to Venevison which will soon introduce him to Univision to become part of the “Despierta America” team in Miami. He was there for two and a half years as a producer of the kitchen segment, which is how is connected today to the fascinating and world of culinary. Ricardo brings all of his intriguing experience to the team here at G-PR and has been a crucial player for the execution of our projects.

Carolina Ruiz

Multimedia Intern

Carolina is a student at Kennesaw State University pursuing a degree in Public Relations with a minor in Marketing.

She shares a vast amount of passions for the industry and brings great creative ideas and energy to the team. Her expertise is Social Media strategy and consumer relations. Carolina is originally from Chile and has been in the States for 12 years. On her free time, she loves to be outside, do yoga and get “DIY” ideas from Pinterest.